Busy Little Bee

I’m a busy little worker bee. Been getting up early to work, and handle things. Interestingly, working with books on two fronts (library, book room) gives me different perspectives. I know a lot about numbers, shipments, costs, and inventory. As we restock the book room, it makes me think of what it takes to put together a book. While this is mainly textbooks with a minimal about of literary material, it does let me know about the structure and sales when it comes to books.

So I’m kinda brain numb, but as always, I feel a need to blog. I need to keep writing daily. This pushes me to to create more. I did write out some dialog for a story concept, and place some notes for a new concept today. I really want to get back to my screenplay but that’s likely going to be on the table for Saturday AFTER I can get some rest. Did I mention I hate mornings? I really was made for a lazy get up in the morns. I felt I went over my caffeine limit with my coffee.

Drinking some tea and indulged in some iced cream. I need to pick out tomorrows’ clothes and iron them. That way I can get up and put my clothes on and run. Mind you, I need to get up earlier than I got it today. I felt like I didn’t have enough time to get ready. Sometimes I need and feel like a mess. I’m a get myself together.

Noticed today, and I pray I’m not getting too grumpy, but from time to time I see a celebrity news story, then I say, “why the fuck should I care about this?” Not the stuff on movie roles and new deals. I love those aspects of cinema. I mean stuff that sounds so empty, useless, and embarrassment. I don’t feel better knowing someone made a good or wears something hideous to a party. I need more laughs.


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