Change of Plans

Today had my schedule going in different directions, but I’m going with the flow. Writing was a bit trick, but I had some ideas that I typed up on the cell (Pages app), and through the day.  Finally I think I have a 5-6 page document that still needs a lot of work before it goes anywhere.  Also hand wrote out some ideas.  This is all for the action-thriller story I want to convert into a TV show. Still keeping up with the rawness that it doesn’t have to be write, and all my ideas are welcome on the page.  Besides trying to create the story lines  I came up with a few cast members. Story-wise I have an A-E set of stories. I’m curious what the final process will be, but I’m getting too ahead of myself.

Last night I found myself writing poems and songs, which is rare for me, but at the same time it felt good to get back into both mediums. They’re equally raw, and need revisions, but I’m glad I put them down. I might get a few poems and songs on paper or via an app if time permits. All i can say about poetry and songs is that they tap into an emotional vein and I feel it all over. I’m saying, keep on keeping on feeling this power.

The screenplay needs work and I need to get on top of that soon. I hate the idea that it’s in limbo when I could give it some more TLC now that I have a bit of creative dynamo. My Christmas wish will be to add 40-50 more pages to this and call this draft done.  I’m a little intimidate. Frozen by the prospects  when I should not. Will keep on keeping on with that.

Happy creative endeavors.


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