Mondays Can be Dry

Didn’t really want to get up, and I needed to finish a bottle of water I sipped on last night.  I had too much tea, and little water over the weekend.  I need less of sweetened drinks in my system. I feel slightly guilty for my cups of hot tea, and glasses of sweet tea. I say this day is dry cause I’m sorta sobering up from my sugar binge. Of course I could just add less sugar, and control is in the mind. I should start with that.

After yesterday’s essay I wrote some ideas, goofed off, and played video games. Tempted to play today, but that won’t happen at the moment.  Wrote the start of a science fiction short story.  I have a feeling I’ll reclaim that real soon. Before bed I found myself writing out a concept for another short story.  I think this one has the potential for growth, and more stories.  It’s kind of episodic. It’s another sci-fi story.

I need to do another essay, so I need to look at what I have down the pike with films and write some more.


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