Editing and Revising

I wrote something out earlier, and discarded it.  I’m writing, revising, and I’m having a good time with it.  Things do feel a little chaotic, but you know, that’s part of life. Things will be done if I put more effort into the revisions.  I want a treat, but you know, no treat unless I do more writing.  More than grammatical revisions.

For the record a story I wrote as a vignette gets a short story makeover. Some readers were kind enough to take the time to share with me their view on the story, so based on all the ideas I decided to expand the story. Make one of the characters the protagonist, and give her a problem or two to resolve. As to why I couldn’t see it, perhaps my mind was simply stuck after writing it.

What I did do was write out several pages of material that could use some touching up before I tie it back to the original story.

I got a flu shot today.  It wasn’t painful, and other than some soreness I feel, I’m fine. It did cost me $22.00, but it was cheaper than the usual rates by at least ten bucks. Let’s hope I stay that way.  I better drink plenty of fluids and eat some good food.  By good I mean more than cookies and potato salad. Working on preparing some spaghetti and marinara sauce.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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