Warm, Maybe Too Warm

Today is very warm. I stepped outside with a sweater on. To my surprise, I was overdressed. Picked up some stamps and groceries. I feel like a hot mess. Like yesterday I feel I have a gang of excess energy and can’t focus properly. I’m making myself sit and type this blog post. I need to focus and relax. Been drinking less and less coffee and tea. In fact, I threw out the cup of coffee I sipped on yesterday. I was as surprised as the next person, but something told me, it was not the answer to my woes. When I sipped on hot tea, slowly I thought this wasn’t for me. So I drank another bottle of water instead.

I did drink a glass of sweet tea after my dinner last night. I figured one glass wouldn’t hurt. To my surprise it took forever to drink when it’s usually gone before the meal is halfway done. That was a bit of an unusual pattern in me this week. I do want some changes in my life. They start out small, and then have that ripple effect on my world.

So now I have to clean out some pots and pans in my kitchen. Any food I didn’t eat that’s still good has to be frozen. I can make meals outta that stuff. That reminds me to take some of the foods out of the freezer and use them before they become too frostbitten to keep taste. I think I have some spaghetti sauce, and Italian sausage in there. I can make some fresh pasta and work from there.

I seasoned a couple of ribeye steaks and will cook them later. I have some sautéed vegies on standby, and would love to get this done in a calm, collected approach. I may not be as discombobulated as I think.

I have a desire to work on my screenplay, and I’d like to get that worked on along with finishing a critique of a story someone wrote and I read. Gotta keep myself in the writing mode and mood. I need my mind to quiet, and allow me to organize my actions. Otherwise I’m a hot mess, and I don’t mean to be at all. It comes with change. Change is good. Change is unpredictable, but I’m praying things stay positive. I’ll try hard not to freak out and get something done. I also need to revise one of my short stories. I’ll do a separate post on that later.

I am happy I sat down long enough to type this post out. I was beginning to think the beginning of this day would be hopeless. Not so hopeless now. Even if I have to list everything and take it one step at a time. I’ll get what’s needed done.

Happy creative endeavors.


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