Blah, Blah, Blah

My Fridays typically have me in chaos, but I figure I can get this blog post in. Yes, I’m on my bed and I got up to get some water and take my allergy meds. I’ll be up and about shortly.

I could use a vacation from the chaos. Had a weird dream about teleportation and Law and Order: Criminal Intent. It was weird cause like an ass I list Goren and Eames in my house to investigate. Never let those two in your space. Just the same I did, but they couldn’t prove anything. Teleportation is awesome, even in dreams. So there. Case unsolved.

That’s not to say the dream couldn’t have needed differently. I opened the door for them and the writer in me says even though the story was far fetched, the detectives have a way to get in people’s head and getting to the truth. In hindsight this story was more X-Files or Fringe.


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