The Horror, The Horror

While allowing my novel to cool off, I’m working on short stories. Made a joke about my next project, which was supposed to be silly and I thought I’d make a prologue before going to sleep. Well I made one and it disturbed me. It’s so in the horror vein and I wasn’t expecting that.

I have my issues with horror as if it scared me I kinda don’t want to watch it. This is me writing it. I have to admit, genre wise my exposure to horror is Poe, old, uncensored fairy tales, and classic horror films. I guess I can count Del Toro films in there.

What I have before me has me wondering what am I doing. It also has me thinking I’m scared for the new territory in regards to genre and to the content. Could I really complete this prologue without freaking out and needing courage to complete it?


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