On The Go, Go, Go!

I almost skipped blogging today. Today was one of those “get out of bed, and get things started” type of days. I decided I should give it a go and write something. I don’t mind it, as I got some things out of the way, like working. Now that I can relax, and my neck pains and migraines were thwarted, I need to relax or I’m back at square one. I need to treat myself to some pure quiet time. Maybe some reading, and a few movie rentals. Dunno what I’ll watch yet, but I’m gonna watch it.

While I made the NaNaWriMo quota, I was thinking of how the novel needs a lot of work. What I can say with confidence is I pushed myself in a great way.  I have a lot more ideas, and jotted them down. I also found myself resolving one of my short stories, and coming up with an entirely different idea for another novel. Need to jot that idea down too.

After work I’ve been laying in the comfy chair, simply vegging out and enjoying not having a thing to do. The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to plan out some things. It should be more fun than expected.  I sense a few pleasant surprises around the corner, so here’s to great things happening for everyone.

Happy Creative endeavors.


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