NaNoWriMo Cherry Popped

I participated in NaNoWriMo 2012, hit the 50K mark required for the contest, and I still have more I want to write for this novel. That’s a great thing. It was quite the experience, and I never put this much into writing anything on this scale before. I’m very happy I made the attempt, and worked towards my goals. It means that when I put my mind and action together I can produce results.

I have to be honest, the week of Thanksgiving threw me off and I sincerely doubted that week I’d make the goal because quite frankly it was hard, catching up drove me nuts, and threw me off my schedule. I was happy to do 1600-1800 words daily. I was taking one bite at a time. I did step up my game and went for 4,000 words daily. I found my stride. That crisis made me stronger.

That brings me to my next conclusion of life in general. We all rise from our crisis and upsets, and we’re stronger in ways we may never know. I suspect if I hadn’t had other upsets in my life, I would have never slowed down to try NaNoWriMo. This was a real enjoyable experience I don’t mind sharing with others. I got just as much from it as I gave.

Other upsets I met were things like how the characters, genre and story changed on me. First it was a surrealistic urban fantasy.  Then more of a sociological fantasy/sci-fi tale. Finally it morphed a straight up fantasy tale. All of it legit.  I also found myself with three potential protagonists.  My protagonist was always one main guy I knew for sure, but then I developed a separate storyline with a female character.  Her story’s very different and complicated. Finally I created a villain, who was a bit of a stock character, but I thought I wanted more out of him. He became a bit tragic, and his vanities broken. He wasn’t just a villain anymore. He could take the lead in this story.

Who knows, I think I have some spin-off tales here.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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