Yesterday worked a lot on my novel (4007 words).  Stopped for the night.  Impressed I got that much done in one day.  If anything NaNoWriMo’s teaching me I can do a lot with my time and energy if I put my mind to it.  Let’s see if I can duplicate that number today.  Something interesting happened while I was writing. I wanted to work with the villain, and devote some time to develop him past being a petulant bastard with a lust for power and being a bit inept. I gave him parents and had him interact with them. Next think I know I raised the stakes on him, and made him more developed than the actual protagonist. So now my villain technically is more of a protagonist at the moment than the protagonist.

I did all sorts of things with this development.  Changed the character’s name, and explored the consequences of his actions.  It ain’t all roses, and I think while I didn’t think about it, things that happened became gruesome and horror-based.  Of the many parts of this draft, this is the one that appeared to have strength, and pushed the story forward.  I admit I was a bit stuck where I was, and dared to start revising soon.  I need to write out a new scene with him soon.

I’m a bit mystified, but at the same time it’s obvious my antagonist has a story to tell.  Furthermore my genre morphed from urban fantasy to fantasy. This shift was unexpected because I started working on a slightly surreal, urban fantasy with sociological ramifications. I nearly lost all of the sociological aspects of this story. Once this month is over, I need to take a breather and reorganize this.  The story is nothing like I expected, which is both great and a bit intimidating.  There are four more days left to write, so let’s see where this takes me.  I can tell you the ending’s nowhere in sight.  I can say I changed some of the rules of this world.  The hero’s gonna have to change as well.

I should say by contrast the actual protagonist developed a bit.  I’m trying to figure out who he is and why he does what he does.  He’s a slow start.  I can tell you he’s grateful to be rid of some harsh situations in his life, and is moving towards figuring out what he wants todo now that he’s free of some burdens.  Wonder why he doesn’t have the stakes raised on him? Will have to change that after I give the “antagonist” a love interest that I imagined he had right before I fell asleep last night.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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