Friday at Mom’s House

Good morning, peeps!

How did your Thanksgiving go? Hope everyone made it to their destinations with little or no upsets. Hope the feat and family went well. you know it might be a mess if you prefer the car ride over the family gathering.

My car gave me some drama, but thank God it’s behaving. That really was gonna set me back like crazy.

At Mom’s having a mellow time and it feels good. I missed Mom’s cooking, so I’m happy with that. Today is all about Thanksgiving leftovers. Tastes so good. Also this is a nice change of pace. I’m loving it. The sun’s out, and its not too cold. Avoiding Black Friday, but kinda hoping cyber Monday has some juice.

Did some writing last night as I even renamed my novel. I typed in my cell mostly. Hopefully I can get more stuff done tonight, but I’m doing a lot family oriented things during the day. It’s a nice change of pace.

Late in the morning I woke up and put some notes in the phone. I was positive and correct I would forget the thoughts if I didn’t put them in the notes app. I was right. My mind is blank. It’s good that I can post this. Gotta keep writing.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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