Holiday Goodness

Hello everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving.  Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, I’m wishing you a great day, and many blessings. Life’s too short to not have some blessings in our lives.  For those on the road, please drive safe, and pray the other drivers do as well.  I know I am.

For me, Thanksgiving is off to a slow start. I rolled out of bed, and tried to get myself alert and some last moment tidying. Might as well start with a blog post, right?

As I stated previously, the writing’s been tough this week. I know with NaNoWriMo I’m supposed to keep writing and not look back, but my instincts told me to revise chapter one based on what I now know about the character, and improving the plot and structure. Reading books on the topic helped me see this, and I wanted to put that forward. The rewrite was a simple two pages. I hand wrote a new scene to introduce another character, spent I spent some time handwriting another scene, but never finished it.  I need to transcribe those over weekend.

I went on to further read about the differences between commercial and literary fiction. While I knew and heard this discussion before before, it felt abstract until now. Think of literary as a more artistic approach and sometimes referred to as “character driven” stories. Literary fiction sometimes has ambiguous or tragic/sad endings. Commercial fiction plays things a lot more straightforward, and is considered plot driven. I like both, and always see examples of them. Think of your favorite movies, TV shows or directors. Many movies are commercial stories. Some have more artistic ambitions, and that only improves the quality or content.  Some films are strictly more character driven.

I think of Pan’s Labyrinth and it’s bittersweet ending, as well as the dark, fantastical elements as a more of an artistic film, and say something like, Predators as a more plot driven film.  Out of curiosity I’m gonna go through my collection and see what’s in there the most – literary or commercial. my money’s on commercial.

As always happy creative endeavors.  Try not to have too much turkey, and hope you enjoy your day.


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