Getting Tired

This is the late night post I write while being partly sleepy and still having to take a bath. Also have to be up early tomorrow. It’s not going to be pretty tomorrow.

Did a tiny bit of writing and I have to admit I didn’t like what I wrote. Not worried about that tonight. It would make my head hurt if I pondered it too much.

Did a potluck today. Brought brownies. They were Rick, a bit decadent, and nobody ate them. I would feel insulted, but I can’t be. I managed to give some away to some peeps. I certainly didn’t want to take them all home. That would be a disaster for me.

Read more on plotting, structure, and descriptive writing. I haven’t fully digested it all yet. I think that’s a matter of time. Not worried about that.

Hope I get back on track with the novel. I sincerely hate that I haven’t fallen back into the groove yet, but at the same time I have to manage my life and a week filled with holidays, errands, cleaning, and software upgrades I’m gonna have to take this on the chin.

P.S. I wrote this tonight as I may not have time in the morning due to schedule adjustments.

Happy creative endeavors.


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