Chaos in the Mix

Today, like yesterday I’m having to adjust my times due to the holidays. It’s thrown me off but good. My writing’s suffered for the changes, as I try to adapt.  I suspect not until Thursday night will I have some sort of peace and stillness to write. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I think that’s the kind of challenge I’m down for.  This is the kind of event that reminds me that writing’s worth it.  Yes I’ve had several days of upsets to my schedule, but I want to return to my creative endeavors. I don’t think I need to allow myself to face or feel defeated by setback.  I must also comment on how tricky this software upgrade’s been.  Sometimes it’s that subtle thing, like the sudden autocorrect to my writing, that’s thrown off more than a sentence or two.

I could use a breather and relax.  Then i can do some laundry, and some cooking, as well as get that air purifier I’m wanting for my living room.  Somewhere in this chaos I’ll make the time to write. Not just for NaNoWriMo, but the screenplay I’d love to add a minimum of 20 pages during the weekend.  I’m sure I’ll be annoyed and distracted, but If I have to work in the wee hours, I’m a get that done.

Been reading the books I have on writing in the meantime. As far as my own weakness in fiction writing, I need to open up with my descriptions, make the dialog a little more spontaneous, and as always I seek to look at the narrative and improve it as well. I say this as I put my clothes together for work, and there’s a pot luck I need to pick up a few items for.

Eventually I’m more than positive I’m gonna get myself back in order.  I’m also sure next week will have me on routine once again. I can say this, after stepping back from the novel. I know it’s about coming back to success from being reduced to nothing, and making choices. It’s not autobiographical, but I love that I know this, and really didn’t ponder this fact until I stopped writing. I was having an issue with the main character and the fact that he lived in a fantastical world, and the most fantastic aspects were not about him. I can connect him now.

Happy creative endeavors.


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