Cleaning Up Things

Yesterday I started cleaning my apartment, or as I like to call it, “evicting the dust devils.”  It started with me vacuuming the living room, moving furniture, and using the extensions to suck up the dirt from the corners.  It was very necessary.  Next the hallways, then the bedroom.  Found myself picking up items, putting them away, and telling myself whatever looks like clutter has to go. I found the bulk of my day spent on this, then cooking.  I’m glad I got it done.

Other than a blog post, I spent little time writing. I have to admit, this was an acceptable excuse, as I wanted things done around the house, and only I could do this. It was 100% worth spending time over.  For those not in the know, I am a chronic allergy sufferer, and having a clean apartment is real important, and the cleaning is long overdue.

Have some books on writing I need to look over.  I’ll post what I think of them soon.  I need to get back to writing as well.  Even though I have to address the clutter, however the clutter won’t be as time consuming as to take my whole day.  I’m going to handle it one piece at a time. No need to try and do it in one day. I’mm very much wanting to get my writing back on track.  I feel like if I put it off too long, I’ll slack off by default.

Happy creative endeavors.


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