Giving Up is Way Too Easy, and Following Up is Tough

Last night I got handed a few upsets. First some dastardly bastard tied me to a set of train tracks. Next, as I waited to be mushed, it rained, and quite frankly it was fracking cold. Too cold, and I wasn’t wearing much. No one ever abducts someone when they are conveniently dressed, do they?  At least I got a free shower from the mix. Could have used some clean water and soap, but it was free so why go all to pieces. What ‘s pneumonia among those who feel clean as a whistle?

By the way, the train never arrived. That dastardly bastard tied me to the wrong set of tracks. Imagine my embarrassment when I realized the knots weren’t done well, and I could leave at any time I wanted. Those upsets could have ruined my otherwise happy evening, however it didn’t.

Today  starts with writing this post. I needed to make fun of last night.  It made me smile, and somehow dissolved a lot of the anxiety.

Spent some time thinking about my NaNoWriMo entry and the direction I’m going up.  My writing needs some fiber in it’s diet, so it can loosen up.  For God’s sake, this is a satire novel with elements of fantasy, dark comedy, science fiction, melodrama, adventure, and whatever I can squeeze in there.  Damn it- unclench creativity! I need you. So I ask myself now, “just what do I have contempt, scorn, ridicule, and ire for,” and laughed at myself.  There are no apologies in satire, and of course, I start with myself.


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