Don’t Dwell Too Long

Yesterday I dealt with someone who had neither an indoor voice, nor any regard for others and said some really ignorant things.  Asking someone to control their behavior seems simple enough. I’m reminded not everyone acts their age and even more so, some people aren’t emotionally mature enough to see past their own selfish needs. This is why I had to step in and be the adult for an adult. It reminds me to try and be more sympathetic to others, but it took a lot of energy and time to ask someone to control themselves. It wasn’t destructive to me, but why  be in public, show your hairy butt and claim it’s your face, then wonder why it’s cold, and people are staring. This shouldn’t happen again.

Did yesterday’s writing, in spite of my reservations to the contrary. I worry too much, and it was over nothing.  It’s not like I don’t like to write, or I couldn’t write. I have the tools in front of me. I’m taking a moment to thank God for what’s in front of me. I’m very thankful for having the writing tools, and the skill to work out solutions. I’m glad I met then exceeded my quota for yesterday. I suppose the real anxiety is applying myself to the work. Don’t know what’s to fear other than to get it done. I must work harder, push myself more. I need to see this through.

While relaxing after dinner (okra, rice, and chicken), I thought came about concerning one of my short stories. I wonder what would happen if the story took a dark turn at the ending. It’s just a thought. I kinda like this idea, as it turns the sweetness of the story to tar. It’s an idea, for another time. I made a mental note of it, and will soon go back to writing my novel.

Speaking of the novel, I hope by this weekend to have more direction.  Some of the characters I wrote got a little more clear as to who they are, and where they’re going, and I ‘m inspired today by a moment to expand a character’s role in this story.  She’s got some tense drama, and I want to expand on her struggles. I foresee her having a bittersweet love story.  Off to writing.

Happy creative endeavors, all.


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