This Monday Morning

This Monday morning I don’t feel like writing.  After I hit the 20k mark for NaNoWriMo last night I felt a bit of a lull, and some fear.  Maybe that’s what I need to feel.  For the record, I’m still gonna write, and I don’t care if it’s all gibberish (which it won’t be), I’m gonna do it. I owe it to myself to push beyond the nervousness, or crossroads as it is. Even so 20k is not even the full halfway mark. If the goal is to do 50K words in a month, then the halfway mark is 25K.  For the record I’m only slightly above where I should be (18K), but that unknown makes me cringe.  Like it’s gonna take over me.  Seems like dumb anxiety.

To be honest there’s nothing else to d o at the moment unless I want to clean my home or make myself something to eat. I’d be happy to let this be my “slack” day where I do less than the minumum, but I feel more effort needs to be placed within my writing.  I refuse to turn on my TV, or goof off until I do at least one twenty minute session of non-stop writing. I did write in bed late last night, and formatted that in Word, and add a few lines to it. Tried my damnedest not to edit it.  I need more words today.

On a plus note I did bake some chicken last night for today’s dinner, so I don’t have to work about what’s for dinner. Nothing was really interesting on TV last night that I can discuss with any desre or excitment about.  One thing I did do, is try to think more on how the people look and how I could possibly take inspiration for descriptions of people, places, and things.  Excuse me while I go write something for twenty mins.

Happy creative endeavors to all.

EDIT: For the record I went off and wrote 2,049 words for the novel. Will do more a bit later.  Now that I got past my “funky” mood, I need to handle my other errands.


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