To Bed Late, Up Early

Last night was very chaotic.  Job review, learning new things, feeling a bit wonky, and then coming home to wanting to veg out in part, then Not writing much, which puts me at odds with today.  Before work I wrote 600+ words for NaNoWriMo.  I was pressed for time and I wanted to do something worthwhile.  When I got home I only wrote an additional page, thus not making my required page amount.  What does this mean for me?  Well fortunately I can play “catch up” with some free time on my hands today and tomorrow.

I did stay up late, and I think, in part that may have to do with daylight savings time and adjustments, and also I’ve been taking my vitamins on a regular basis.  needless to say I have some extra energy.  It didn’t help that I had a glass of sweet tea.  I will say, once I did go to bed, I fell asleep pretty quickly.  So now that I’m up, I’m going to make sure to write some more, and I don’t have any pressing place to be, and the only non-writing projects I’m concerned with is cleaning my apartment, and making breakfast.

If, and only if I get some good progress today, I may allow myself to have a latte tomorrow.  That’s a big may though.  Sometimes I think things can go right over the edge, and a good thing turn out bad.

I will say this about my novel, I didn’t think I’d get this far.  Novels intimidate me.  I realize it’s only a rough draft, and there’s a gang of things that need to be done in regards to shaping it up.  I’m nervous that it’s disjointed, messy, and there’s a lot of connections I didn’t write, that will need addressed.  Pushing forward in SPITE of not having all the dat or even an outline really makes me feel like I’m flying without guidance, but also without restraints. I do feel I can push things further than I have.  Some of these characters NEED a pushing, shoving and to get beat on for a moment.  I did break out the note cards to keep up with some and ask myself some questions.

As always happy creative endeavors.


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