1600 Words per Day Minimum

For NaNoWriMo I’m doing a minimum of 1600 words per day, which seems like a simple goal.  Yesterday I found myself with a lot of upsets. Nevermind the night before I stayed up to watch President Obama’s speech after he won the election. It was late.  I felt I didn’t get enough sleep.  Next I worked more hours.  That type of upset was no a bad thing.  Not mad at it all at going to work early and longer. My body is not used to the time DLST shift yet.  I also woke up early this morning.  it took forever to go back to sleep, but I did.  Thank the Lord for rest.

Before work I managed to get some writing done.  I had some free time and handwrote some passages. I got home and added some more work to my novel.  Not sure where this is going.  I feel liker it’s a mess, but I said this before, what is a first draft but a mess?  Even if it does feel that way, not going back and editing scares me like crazy and excites me.  Back to writing for me.  I promised myself  20 minutes of pure writing and no stopping.  I can get a page or two done like this.  it’s very hard to not  to want to adjust things.

I do have some plans for draft two I’m keeping as a note because it really can’t happen until I begin revisions and have some clarity in the material.  Gonna have to keep it all flowing.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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