Election Day

This is close as I get to a political post on this blog. Anything I have to say about it is, exercise your right to vote, and let it be.  No muss, no fuss, no drama. Just vote.  Went to the polls this morning.  it was very straightforward, and I’m back home blogging and ready to write.  Life ain’t perfect, but at least this flowed pretty well. Also it’s wet and a bit nippy outside. I hope I don’t catch a cold. Time for something hot to drink, and relax a little.  It’s very, very early.

Last night was plagued by a mild headache that stayed in the background, and the first pain relievers I took only seemed to keep the headache at bay.  By time I got home the headache went back into full nag and get ready for me mode.  I ate and took some Aleve.  That seemed to do the trick. By then I was tired and wanted to lay down. So I went to bed early.

Before I went off to sleep I did managed to get some writing in.  It was sparse as I was not feeling it, then I went into weird mode. A storey that was mostly fantasy and weird sudden;y had flying saucers, alien lights, and physiological upsets. It does change the dynamic of the story.  I hope to write more and see where this is going.  Think 50s sci-fi influenced. Maybe this is where things really take shape. Not giving up on this.

Happy creative endeavors.


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