No Sugar Added

I tried hot tea with artificial sweeteners yesterday.  Why?  I could stand to use less sugar, and I also wanted to see if I could do it. It wasn’t bad.  Still writing for the National Novel Writing Month.  This is keeping me busy, so I’m less inclined to make longer blog posts, but I hate not posting on a regular basis.  I hope to stay productive and all I can say about this novel is it’s really disjointed, but like all beginnings and first drafts they are rough creatures and will need lots of work before they become something. Considering this draft is still unfinished, I want to get to the finish line before I can do any real editing. Let it be rough, I welcome the challenge.

Did four pages this morning for a prologue.  Also have a page from late last night I contemplating adding to the pot, but this morning I feel like it’s 100% worth adding these characters to the mix.  She’s a bit undefined, but I kinda like the potential.  Off to more writing.

As always to all, happy creative endeavors.


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