Saturday Writing

Yesterday morning the writing’s disjointed, messy, and sparse. I’m more concerned that I didn’t write enough. I’m a bit pissed with that and at the same time, I’m happy with this.

Elements of this novel are a bit haywire and I’m like I’m not doing enough, and hot. It’s too hot. I need to relax with a few movies or two. Something with some action and adventures. I need my brain to get on something fun. There’s also gaming sometime soon.

The apartments a bit warm and I’m full off of sausage and eggs. I feel good and sated. Pray it distracts me. One good thing that came from writing today is the fact that I was able to add a new character who primarily places the focus on the desires of the story, which is to have a companion. She’s a bit miffed and wants one. I also imagined a third character I want to incorporate into this story. Perhaps after the heroine, I can add her. Pray for me and my sanity.


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