In Between Errands

Today I’m trying to get some errands done, and getting my writing together. There’s some more revisions in my immediate future, and that’s a great thing. The kitchen needs tiding up a good bit, as well as the living room. Double Indemnity was on early this morning. Great film, and noir simply rocks. As a treat for me, a couple of Hammer’s Dracula films were on too. I loves me some Christopher Lee as Dracula, but I had to skip out on the second film to get a few more errands done. I need to see if they are on Netflix to re-watch.

Yesterday, after work I was a bit drained, but managed to jot more notes and ideas down. Last night I got to look at  Mockingbird Lane, and Grimm.  It was a good two hours of TV watching. Mockingbird Lane is a decidedly different take on the Munsters as the creators went darker in the humor, and picked up on the monstrous and macabre aspects of the characters. I’ll have to do a separate write up. Perhaps that’s the topic of tomorrow’s post.

In addition to the notes/revisions for the current short story I worked on, I put down several ideas on paper that started off as rough concepts I created. I listed reasons for motives and reasons as to why things were the way they were for each concept. This helped me get a tighter vision/grasp on what I have, and possible directions. For example, I realized quickly in some instances I created a protagonist different from who I thought it I was writing about. With the fantasy novel I initially wrote pages about the sons, however  the father’s driving the story.

I did list out multiple motives, desires, and possible actions following a tip from writing exercises.  The first few may be eliminated because they were the easiest ones to come up with. The strongest concepts forced me to think further than a few reasons. One concept carried over to today and received conclusion/resolution#20.  I love the idea that concepts can go further than where initially imagined.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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