All that Fridays Disavows

Yesterday I left my cell phone at home, and was fine until I realized it wasn’t in my pocket while at work.  I felt so vulnerable, it made me uncomfortable. I didn’t realize how much comfort it brought me to have my cell with me. It’s like a teddy bear for this grown man who needed that piece of security in his day. Also I write ideas in the Notes app all the time.

During my break I retrieved it, and picked up a burrito to scarf down.  Once back at work the day felt better and stronger, now that I had my friend with me.  This is from someone who didn’t used to own a cell phone and was like, “people will have to catch me when I’m home.”

So if like an event happened like in the TV drama Revolution, what would I do? In this show the word’s power goes out, permanently. What a creepy thought, no? I guess I’d  have to make due with what I did or didn’t have. I’ll have to talk about the show on another post, because I have a lot of pros and cons on this. The premise intrigues me.

Was inspired for the past couple of days to think of themes I’m exploring in my ideas, and felt compelled to write them down.  So I have those to explore later on.  Hopefully this exercise in creativity will help me expand my mind for my current projects.

As far as movies I watched Pumpkinhead yesterday on AMC (BTW AMC is really pissed with the Dish Network – those ads/reminders don’t let it be). It’s an old horror movie, but it was fun to see and enjoy. When i was much younger, the film seemed scary.  Now it’s simply a film I enjoy.  Hadn’t seen it since I studied cinema, so now my mind is breaking it down by film form out of pure habit.


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