Hello Tuesday

Well I had a messed up Monday cause for some reason I didn’t have enough sleep.  Came home and felt out of steam by time I got home and had something to eat.  Been having weak dinners of late, and I can do better than that.  Did write a minimal amount of something, and took some notes for ideas.

No movies yesterday, but I did watch Revolution, but my desire to continue wanes with each episode.  I really want to like this show and give it more energy, but it seems like I like it less and less.  Damn.  I’m trying to be loyal here.  Oh well, it needs a hostile write-over.  Someone needs to make Charlie less annoying, make that plot pop, and the characters have some magic.  it seems to stall, fail, stop then repeat.

Needless to say if i don’t write much today, I’m writing this blog.  Blog, blog, blog.  Gotta get myself back into writing shape.


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