Hello Monday

It’s a Monday and I got a case of the blahs that prompted me to have some coffee.  I do think the issue is I need some sleep, but that ain’t gonna happen just yet.  Also I need something to eat.  A banana doesn’t cut it.  Need to iron my clothes. Can’t be looking like I just rolled of a park bench and a bunch of kids dressed me.

Writing didn’t go well last night, which pissed me off cause I wanted to write, but my mind was a bit wired.  Must be overstimulation.  I need clarity and a free mind.

I did get in a movie yesterday, which was Mars Attacks. I did play some more video games.  Finishing the playthrough for Dragon Age Awakenings.  After facing the final baddie I realized I didn’t get to the Queen of the Blackmarsh but, but the game is over.  If I want, I can play the downloaded content now.  Mildly distracting, but writing needs more from me.  In that respect I need to try harder.

Today was busy as I had to catch up with emails, and errands.  I feel busy, tired, and slightly in need of just sitting down and doing nothing.  Still gonna get a movie in.  Man am I not with the program. It must be Monday.


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