To Bed Late, Wake Up Late

Well I planned to be up a bit earlier, but it s what it is.  I needed a little longer to rest.  But for the fact that nature called, I may still be in bed, but awake is awake. Had all sorts of ideas and jotted them down yesterday. Didn’t do as much writing as I like to do, but that may be due to my mind needing some rest.  Also I’m keeping the TV off until I write something. No distractions in the morning.

Yesterday I watched a movie, and yesterday’s film, from the UK, was Outcast, a supernatural thriller. I liked it, but it sorta lost some steam at the end. You kinda knew what was going to happen, but it was still very enjoyable. I wish I had a stronger sense of accents, because sometimes I found myself not understanding some of the words and phrases.  It sounds like to me this film deserves a second and third pass.

I did game some, which was not bad at all.  Still nursing my obsession with Dragon Age I and finishing this game with my mage character.  I promised myself that after this guy I’m only creating warriors and rogues to play if I do.  I’m completing this so that I can use the history import for Dragon Age 2.  yes It kept me from playing DA 2 for a short while.  It also provides me with a mind break.  Somewhere in my head I’m reminded that I need to complete Kingdoms of Amular. I loved taking a break from the game as it’s extremely long and I haven’t completed it.  For that matter I need to get back to a few other games.  One at a time.

Off to write some stuff now that I am at the laptop and no TV on.  I may play some music, but that’s about it. Happy writing, all.



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