TV and Film Diary

Decided today to keep a film and television watching diary for the next twenty days.  I not only want to see what I watch and consume, but also I want to get myself into watching a regiment of one movie a day. Sometimes I look at quality, and other times I get into ruts with my viewing.  Police procedurals tend to be my weakness, which is mainly me loving crime shows.  Lets see if I can find alternatives to the procedurals. Crime movies anyone?

I’m also looking to eliminate some of the other shows I seem to find distracting like courtroom shows, talk shows, and soaps.  I watch one soap in particular, Young & the Restless because it’s mildly distracting. Typically I watch for a few days, abandon it for months, then come back and find I can fall back into watching.  Repeat. Maybe I’ll just put in a DVD or turn the TV off if I can’t find something of substance.

Maybe this is a more of a film and TV diet.


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