It’s Like That

I sincerely need to step up my cinema game. Yesterday I didn’t watch any films.  All I saw was some news, pieces of Law & Order SVU, and one episode of Star Wars The Clone Wars. In hindsight popping in an “old reliable” DVD (any fave movie) for entertainment would have sufficed. I need to keep the flow of cinema working with me. I love films and I feel I denied myself some pleasure.

My screenwriting professor used to start the class with asking each student, “what films did you watch this weekend?”  While he never explicitly stated it, or I didn’t pay attention when he did, movie watching is a part of writing a film.  What did we notice? Did we like the film? Why?  The shit I did and didn’t see. LOL  Some movier were awful, but I saw them anyways.  They also were popular movies. Some were odd, quirky.  It’s good to be aware of films and their qualities.

Will save the film readings for the weekend when I have the time to sit and read them properly.  Also have a couple of DVDs I need to see cause they’re on my “see” list.  So I want to be able to sit back and enjoy them with little or no interruptions. Those go on the weekend list as well.

I modified yesterday’s “to do” list because I got thrown some upsets, and I needed to handle them. For example, writing this blog post (I wrote some of it longhand). I’m simply looking to maximize my writing potential, and to amp up this blog with more cinema related topics. Will have to keep trying to shape it to be about writing and film. needs more film.


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