Up and About with a To Do List

I woke up earlier than planned.  Decided to get out of bed and sit at the laptop for a short while and get some things done.  I hope to finish typing my notes from a movie I watched.  it helps me get my thoughts together on the material.  Got a couple of pages transcribed yesterday  After work didn’t even bother firing up the laptop, so it’s going to be a before work type of project. which I don’t mind at all.

The short stories still need work as well as the novel. Found myself busy and trying to get a lot done within a limited amount of time. Also have a concept I worked on with a friend.  I wrote down a lot of notes, but it needs a plot. I can work with a plot.  Speaking of plots perhaps that’s what I should do for the novel. Can always go back later and ‘save the world.”  Sometimes I feel the anxiety of creativity. Need to get organized.

So step 1: I emailed myself what I wrote in the Notes app for the latest short story and the concept my friend and I created.  Those need a Word file, and added to my writing folder.  Step 2. At least a page of typed notes from one film.  Step 3, the plot for my novel written down. Step 4 the other short story.  I need to edit what I printed out.  Did I print it out?  Better find out.  Step 5: Look up some of my older works and see what I can develop.  Step 6. Screenplay needs mad attention. Step 7: keep writing notes on films I read.

OK I skipped out writing on my personal blog.  I assumed I’d get to it and do a short post. Best luck writing to all.


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