In Bed I Write

Some up and refused to get out of bed just yet. It feels damn good to lay here and not have to rush anywhere. It’s a good moment. It means I should be writing something, so I added some lines to the short story, then this post. I like to give that creative energy while I have the chance. Not too big a stretch. Will have to get up now And get more things done, like clean up, get dressed, eat, and handle business.

Weird dreams from last night stayed with me. They were pleasant and I feel that they are a sign that my mind works on things I need to get into gear. I’m not sure if I can use them in a story, but knowing me they may appear in some form or another.


2 thoughts on “In Bed I Write

    • Thanks for responding. For me I never consider writing working as I love to do it. I suppose it is the kind of work I really like.

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