Slow and Steady

Been working on some film essays, which are taking a bit longer than expected in part because I jotted down a lot of notes, typed out a lot of ideas, and have yet to combine the two.  Also been considering the length of these film readings, which would be well over a couple of pages in Word.  Before I get too far ahead myself the simplest way to manage the length is break the readings/essays into parts. I cut cut a lot of it, but part of the essays is not to give necessarily short, punch reviews, but discuss aspects of the films that appeal to the cinema studies student I used to be.

So today I’m printing out what I wrote in Word, and I have my notes in my notepad I will eventually transcribe to add to the essays.  I’ll be doing that over the weekend, which should be a good exercise for me. I’ve been adding to the notes and reviewing them so I could make a more thoughtful reading.  One thing I do know for sure is that for some of the notes I want to look back at the films so that I can address film form and give a more insightful version of the film.

Speaking of printing out, I have a few stories, concepts and novel pieces to look over and put some notes on.  I printed them out a few days ago so now it’s time to give them a read.  Well off to print out my essays, get some breakfast, and some hot tea.  Happy writings and rewritings.


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