NOTE: I write this post as a crossover to my personal blog and wraps up my Unemployment Sucks series there. I remind myself when I wrote this that all my experiences are good for using in my writing. I take comfort in knowing the experiences make for good material irregardless of how they made me feel. Take the good with the bad. Well, you can’t really escape the bad so why not use it.

Sometimes looking upon life and where I am in life feels heavy and sublime. I face rebooting my life as I build back my finances and employment, and that’s nowhere as easy as it seems. It’s been twelve months since I worked, and now I have a job (yaaaay). This gives me reason for celebration. It is the restart of something amazing. For the record I like working and it helps me “forget” writing for a short while.

Being employed changes my perspective and allows me the opportunity to heal myself from what has passed. It wasn’t pretty to be without means to pay my bills in a timely manner. Also when a crisis came, it visited and stayed with me. There were no easy resolutions. For example, my alternator died in my car. It took me nearly a month to replace it. Furthermore my struggles to move and tow it due to parking lot repaving. My stomach was in knots.

The thing is I made it through all that. If I didn’t have unemployment benefits I may have been lost for good in financial, emotional, and physical stress and suffering. Needless to say that little amount if money (compared to my old salary) counted (no pun intended).

I don’t think I’ll ever forget this experience. Nor will I be able to get back what I lost. That’s twelve months of my life. Rebuilding myself and my future takes time, effort, and money. The new job is the right direction. All I can do is keep moving forward. I write this to remember not only my experience, but this a testimony to my spirit. The power to live through adversity empowered me in ways I’ve yet to see or feel. My mind, spirit and body says that I will improve myself. I use all of it as material for my stories.


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