Slacking Off and Eyeing the Prize

When I think of this title I see how contradictory it sounds, but sometimes that’s how emotions come through.  They’re so conflicting and complex. I wish there was a straightforward way to handle thoughts, but then I wouldn’t be me if I did.  I’ve been a bit melancholy worrying over finances, which strips the enthusiasm out of creativity, BUT I want to bounce back.  It may be rough now, but I truly believe in hope and success through perseverance.  We all struggle with adversities, big and small.  Writing is my passion, so I always come back to it, no matter how uninspired I feel.

Now that that’s over, I let my mind wonder and somehow resolved an idea for an older story, and now I’m like, “when am I going to have the time to develop this one?”  I’m putting it on my list of to do.  Surprisingly a theme of siblings came back up. Unlike the novel I’m still scribbling on, this story features siblings at odds with each other.  It gets complicated as they are half-siblings with different mothers.  I’d like to see where this goes.  More than happy to write up a few more paragraphs on what I think the plot of this story.  Did some of that last night the fell asleep.

Last I spoke of the novel, my ideas mutated a bit, and I found myself merging some of my ideas together, thus changing the story from traditional fantasy to more of a hybrid of sorts that appeals to me.  I wrote out a few pages with this in mind, and I want to write out a few more things.  perhaps a page length plot to “see” where I’m going.  Plots are easy to write, and need mad rewriting, but gives me some clues to the next steps of the writing.  So let the character conflict and overwriting begin.


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