Fridays and My Adventures This Week

This week’s been mixed with stress, anxiety, and some upbeat happenings. First I had a job interview, which I needed to get all professional and presentable. It was worth every moment of me being a bit nervous and praying that I was likable for the job. I think the interview went really well.  The decision is out of my hands, so I must wait and see.

It’s also been a bills, bills, bills kinda week, and the funds are lower than a politician’s morals during and after a sex scandal. There can be no tell all to the bullshit that goes one with stress, or can there be? It’s debatable and doable.

I mentioned the job/hunting interview to talk about me doing more writing.  I was inpsired to write out more for my novel.  It’s been slow, and I’ve yet to make stronger decisions.  If I learned anything it’s that I need to make firm decisions in regards to my creative endeavors. Also thinking things through works wonders for me.

Speaking of endeavors, while getting some things organized on my laptop, I noticed (stopped ignoring) a Word file on my desktop labeled “short story.”  I opened it as my curiosity was peaked, and it allowed me a small distraction. It’s a short piece (four pages), and I edited and revised it since I wasn’t doing much of anything at them moment. In other words, I felt a tinge of guilt for abandoning this project.

As I made the corrections, I remembered I left  this story on the desktop to remind myself to edit it. After looking at it with fresh eyes, I can say this story feels more like a vignette. Some of the descriptions and dialogue I liked, but the story as a whole itself gave me the impression that it’s unfinished. I’m thinking this vignette is the seed or start of a larger story. It feels fresh, and has some swagger because of the potential and promise I see and feel.


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