When the Privates are Public

Was chatting it up with a friend about writing when the topic of using our own lives in stories we wrote came up. Normally I shy away from getting too personal in my stories, however it’s become clear that you can get answers or resolutions to situations that may or many not seem or feel satisfactory, however you will get a resolution. Also sometimes stories contain pain and avoiding pain seems like a good idea sometimes, however it’s not the best solution in real life. So as I allow these thoughts to marinate in my brain I’m looking at myself and asking, “can I handle the truth?”

Fiction won’t be a play by play of an event. As I always state, writing is rewriting and things will change. The power and suggestion of writing and finding resolutions intrigues me and it also forces me to confront things I’ve experienced.

Will all stories I write be so personal? No. That would be a bit much, and no I won’t divulge where all the details come from. Stories would loose their mystique, but sometimes maybe a story does have a personal origin that I not only related to, but experienced.


One thought on “When the Privates are Public

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