A Matter of Perspective

One of the things of I thought about yesterday today during and after enjoying movie watching was how to frame the perspective in this novel. I like first person narratives as they allow me to get into one character’s head and share from a more personal/intimate perspective, however, what I thought about is what about a few of the characters who I feel have a lot to say on their own.  Does this mean I should give them chapters where they narrate the story, or keep the main perspective?  The narrator can’t know intimate details the other characters know.  I could use multiple view point characters.  The main theme of family is still intact.

Late last night found myself wanting to define the voice of the main character who’s narrating. At the start his voice was more formal and a bit clinical/technical. For a first draft it’s ok, but I needed him to loosen up a lot.  For now the main character’s  the oldest sibling. He’s confident with an edge to his persona, skilled, and nuanced. The writing needed to reflect his informal slangy speech.  I think that personalizes the narrative more.  I was inspired to jot down a few paragraphs in an informal style, and added more scenes.  Worked more on the writing today, which allowed me to get a better feel for the characters.  Also to work on writing an action scene, which is clumsy as hell right now, as it should be messy.

I did try to script out some of the dialogue last night.  I got a half a page, and I love what the characters said, so I’m a use some of that as well. When I tried to print last night, ALL the inks in my printer said “depleted.”  When i get some cash I’ll replace them.  Until then it’s a “keep on writing” event.  So for me multiple drafts will be consolidated sooner or later, but I know I LOVE the voice for the character.  His family will be another matter as I figure them out better.  Still this is going places and I’m loving it.

Just know this first chapter is very unsorted and I need to think about where it begins and ends. Right now it’s too raw but resolving technical issues within the story is what I’m here for.  Might be time to brainstorm a few more plot elements in my notebook.

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