A Revision or Two

NOTE: I started this post yesterday, and thought it would be strictly about working on this “chapter” of this story.  I’m still working on it, and loving it, but was inspired with some new activities today.

This first chapter really gave me some energy worth revising.  I like the material, but it felt awkward and clumsy.  There was no way I could make progress with it as is. I rewrote parts of it to make it sound cohesive. Also since I’m improvising it a bit I wanted to see what the characters say and do with a few tweaks.  It’s like I’m experimenting with their behaviors. At least I got the character’s voices a bit tighter. Needless to say I think this particular scene can stop where I revised it. Now this chapter needs a fresh scene to progress.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to have to edit the material as the old version contained elements I may want to use later in revisions or within the story. It still feels like the story needs more.  I know it’s about family and I’d like to keep that focus as it really resonates with me.

Decided to do some film watching today.  So today started off with a film history documentary.  The second was a drama that  brought it’s melancholy game on.  It was as bleak as a literary short story.  It deserves a second viewing and an essay as well.  I think another film has to have some action as the content/genre.  Films and essays remind me of how narratives are constructive AND how I need to look at my own constructions and themes.  Will keep on working

Well I need to get up, take a break and prepare some burgers.  I want something simple, less fussy to cook, and relax for another film.  If I can get two more movies in today I’ll feel even better.  I’m gonna take all these positive creative and pleasurable experiences as a sign of things moving forward in a positive direction.

Happy creativity, all.


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