Be Inspired

Yesterday turned out to have some blahness in there that really put the dark shadow over the start of my weekend.  After feeling that meh-zone crap, I started writing a story.  It was random, and I put my focus towards the process. I had two little paragraphs at first, then kept writing. I want to say this is a short story, BUT something tells me this is going to be a bit longer than my typical fare.  Perhaps this is the first chapter of a novella or novel. I don’t know yet.  After completing two pages, I went to bed.  Woke up with more thoughts to add to the story and a will to keep writing.  Perhaps I can make six pages soon.  Perhaps six pages will be sixty. The goal is to keep myself out of the funk that I got into yesterday, and writing seems to do that.  I won’t mention I woke up today with a huge desire to draw as well. Perhaps from this upset comes creativity.

The story I worked on is based on fantasy motifs/genre, and I knew as I got into the story it would be revised several times. After all, writing is rewriting.  There’s a lot that’s unclear and needs research, and some stuff that simply needs a few more revisions or passes to clarify and strengthen. The important thing for me is to get stuff drafted now. Also I do want to tighten the narrative, and themes. The technical stuff is kinda narrative nerdy, but I LOVE it, so I’m kind of excited to get to that part. Gotta hold off till I get at least an ending to this first chapter/draft.

Interestingly this story starts off with nekkid people.  One of my favorite themes for any story of mine. I always say all stories I write should have nude people in them, when it’s appropriate, of course, and that’s most of the time.  I did this writing using the Pages app on my cell phone.  It allowed me to pace, as I was pacing a lot as I typed. Using the phone gave me a mobility I never have when I sit at the laptop, like now as I type this post.  Mind you, I love sitting and typing.  I simply had a different experience with using the cell.  Sometimes I’m laying on the couch or sitting using the Notes or Pages apps to write when sitting won’t suffice.  I love the possibilities and freedoms available to me.

Also from yesterday, I found the DVD I was looking for, but never bothered to get pictures from it.  My mind was a mess, but at least I have the DVD. Noticed a few times during the day, the moment I wanted to write was the moment my social life started coming alive.  It’s as if the two love to clash and distract me from each other. I need to write more.  As always, blogging helps me warm up to my creativity.

Have a good weekend all, and best wishes with your creative endeavors.

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