Ok I’m Awake

I was trying to avoid writing today.  Woke up feeling pretty meh, but then I went to my personal blog and did some writing, and I promised myself another review this week, so I have tomorrow to get the latest one in.  I wrote out a page’s worth, then remembered I have notes for this one, AND I don’t have any images to share.  Of course, I can’t find the DVD to take some pictures from because I’m all like blah and meh this morning.  This is a typical morning.

It shouldn’t kill me to find this DVD, but the issue isn’t finding it so much as finishing the review. It’s like homework at this point, and I am bemused by myself with homework again.  I’m like am I making myself do college work when I’m not taking classes?  Perhaps that’s what I needed all along, busy work to stimulate my brain.  Poor brain’s been needing this kind of boost.  Not questioning it.  I simply hope it lasts.  Off for a DVD scavenger hunt.

Happy creative endeavors for all.


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