I Don’t Feel Like Writing

Got a case of the blahs, and that means I need to get over that hump.  Been working on a revision of an earlier post, and I have some items in draft that need serious attention.  I’ve been scribbling here and there, but it needs more energy and devotion.  Thus begins me getting off my duff and doing this warm- up writing post.

Gaming has owned me for the past few days and I feel like it’s a good distraction and procrastination tool, but I gotta get busy.  At least I didn’t slack off on the job hunting portion of my day.  Needless to say the job hunting is very meh. It happens.  it’s a slow, dull streak, and I never give up.  Writing’s like that.  I need to put things back in order before I end up with a few more incomplete pieces of material.

I can say I did have a writing frenzy not too long ago.  Working on multiple pieces to get the mind going. I produced some fiction and a blog post in draft.  I remind myself to write down ideas I have for other posts so I don’t have that “what to write about” feeling when I sit down. It’s why I have a notepad at my workstation.

I did suffer from a very sore neck in the process of writing.  Stress and bad sleeping is the enemy.  The I’m reminded that good pain relievers need me to eat something first, then consume the pills.  Some of them cause the stomach to bleed without food.


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