Why Aren’t I on Point

Late last year, while trying to find something better to do with my time, I discovered and joined a writing group called LitReactor. I even took one of the short story classes (Zen Mind Beginner’s Fiction Workshop) .  Once I joined one of the questions was, and still resonates: What are my goals as a writer.  I wrote the following in my profile as far as goals:

I write to satisfy demands of myself. I often find myself looking for solutions to questions that come to mind, which may not produce immediate or satisfactory responses.  Writing helps me resolve this issue.  I’m often curious and feel that writing best explore the avenues that pique my interest.

Writing is an art/creativity and like all art it is a passion, emotions, instinct, frenzy and a possession. I love the sensations, the destination, and chance to explore.

I would love to share my stories with others through publishing and through various mediums, such as prose, screenplays, and non-fiction. 

I would love to be less afraid of my writing or the challenges it produces from story resolutions, critiques, and rejection of the material.

I’m looking to revise my goals as I need to commit to full time writing.  This means being a lot more serious, focused, and unabashed about fiction.  Playing timid with creativity never served me well.  It sounds a lot like an artist statement to me, and I feel a bit self-conscience of myself.  I suppose I intimidate myself needlessly. It’s not a manifesto. I’m writing it out regardless.

In the midst of writing this post, I decided to revise my goals in Word.  I’m going to allow myself a day or two for my goals to marinate on my brain before I update my page at LitReactor.  It’s needs more revisions and brainstorming,  as I’d like to make it the statement I go by 24/7.


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