Laundry and Writing

Who knew doing one load of laundry would make me want to write. Actually the idea came last night to work on an essay or five, but while working on the essay I worked on laundry, and while saving files I happened to come across one of the short stories I needed to format and felt the need to elaborate on the short story.  Needless to say I have some creativity going on I don’t wish to stop.  it makes me very, very happy, to make progress with any form of creativity.  I see this a blessing.  I’m positive creativity runs me ragged sometimes, and when it’s on, I feel better about my life and the world around me.

The short story’s taking an explicit turn I didn’t expect fully, but when I wrote out why the dude missed his GF, I kinda found it going in the direction of eroticism. This story started out light, fantastical and goofy, then the content shifted to bleakness, then to arousing.  Suddenly the story got a bit crass, and filthy. I’m not mad at the results. better to progress than to have the story stuck in creative limbo. All I can say is I need to complete the story.  I don’t even know if the goofy surreal elements mesh with the more sexual material.

Before I go thinking I’ve overreached and over thought, I remind myself at some juncture I will have an “FTP” moment and make that story work.  So what I need right now is to be “caught up” in the over thinking, because I will resolve all that bothers me in this story.  Then I’m gonna share it with my writing group.  Why?  How else am I gonna grow if I don’t get feedback properly.


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