Up and About Early

Woke up early, and that’s ok with me.  I have the distinct feeling a nap is in my future. I’m gonna have to take care of a few errands today so being up and ahead of things is not a bad situation.  Trying to find where I left my creativity, cause I want it back.  I can’t create when I feel blocked.  Maybe it’s time to find a way to get unblocked.  Part of that will be part me getting my errands done.  Perhaps a change of venue, which happens today.

As a troubleshooter maybe I’m looking at this challenge the wrong way.  Let me do this one sentence at a time.  Maybe that’s all I need for today.  One spark or thought can make the world of difference.  How many hours are in a day?  A few sentences won’t kill me.  I’m a work this out like I need to. Ah solution found.  I love a good day that i start with.  I should get up earlier more often.


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