Things To Do While I Wait

As I type this, I realized my playlist contained two versions of “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On.”  The first was by R&B star, Cherelle, and the Second by Robert Palmer. I love them both.  Didn’t expect it as I wasn’t paying attention to the selections.  Genius picked them, I simply minimized iTunes and began typing.  Nice random moment.  BTW I added all sorts of notes from my readings and I have a few ideas I need to explore under this new lens. I have a lot of work to do. Very random, that needs to get focused.

My brother suggested reinventing myself as a full-time writer since my job searches are quite ugly.  It’s not that I don’t write, and I can be hella random as the mood strikes me.  Getting that concentrated effort is the new goal for this week as I do some more waiting and job hunting.  I need a five-year plan if I’m a treat this like a business.  This means sitting down and drafting my goals.  Something that may take a moment or two and some quick research.  It won’t be too complicated.

I did some DVD watching, and should write up what I thought about those films in the form of essays.  This is the place to get the essays done.  I kept failing at those and that has to change.  I suppose I lost my spirit for writing them, but I do love writing about films, and studying them brought me a lot of joy.  I’m a mess.  Time to fix myself out and get it together like life’s a red carpet walk.  Essays should require a little more reading of theories, and I have my books next to me, so I need to get up on that.



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