The Wolf, He Waits

Took a day to reflect on my life, and scribbled a few notes down.  Finished a cooking entry for my personal blog. For me cooking is more or less has a lot to do with creativity.  I decided it was more of a personal entry, but I don’t mind sharing that I cook a lot.

That brings me to working on a post that’s more of a cinema-related essay.  I have the perfect Idea I need to work on and possibly dividing into parts so that I can share more of my thoughts.  I need to write it though, so I need to get cracking.

The wolf I speak of in the title is my hunger for creative freedom and enjoying this day.  Usually I speak on the angel in the room, but I think the wolf at him.  Also I want to do terrible things to the characters in my story.  Also to touch on something I discussed in a previous post-improvization in writing.  Screenplays are notoriously outlined and controlled. Most books will tell you this is the mode.  Gonna try to improv with a light outline.  Why not experiment now?


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