The 22 Rules of Storytelling

The 22 Rules of Storytelling

I read this article a while ago, and was reminded of it today.  While I didn’t create these rules, it does have some great advice we can all use, or refresh our creative energies.  The writing’s from Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats. If you’ve seen any of Pixar’s films, you know the rich history of good films.  My favorite Pixar is still The Incredibles. Any time you can get into a story’s narrative, love it on top of other film elements I think you have a winning philosophy/business model.  of course, writing is writing (and rewriting).  I believe these rules cross the spectrume of any creative outlet.

Mind you, I was talking about rules earlier, and wanting to do more improvising, but I’m loving what I read. I felt like sharing. It’s awesome, but be the judge for yourself.  I admire the philosophical feel and to the approach to writing. Part of writing is about the creator: what we see, experience, think as well as about your audience. Don’t forget the character.  Relating to the character is another part of these rules.  Quite a nice balance. I’ll be re-reading this a few more times over to allow it to soak in my brain.

It never hurts to get tips from people who work in the industry and have good measure of success.  In addition to the cool tips, the comments section’s worth a read.  I rarely say that about online articles, but I like a pleasant surprise to throw off my expectations. Hopefully you’ll get a lot of it as I hope to.  Happy writing.


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