Write, Cook, Be Happy

I had this mad brainstorm for an idea, and didn’t know what format it will be.  I’m guessing novel since I have a lot to sort out via characters and I want to share a lot.  I would have said TV show, but I’m guessing the money and budget may go overboard.  It’s all in the planning stages with me typing out ideas as they come to me.  It made me feel good, so I went with the flow.  I know already I’m going to make some changes but that’s what brainstorming is about.  I’d like to see a genuine finished rough draft of this project, so let’s hope I take it there.

Me cooking

It has nothing to do with cinema, but I like what I see.

Cooking is the name of the game this week, and I made some marinara sauce last night for some lasagna that I plan to bake sometime today.  I’m adding some new things to this recipe, like spinach, which I haven’t tried before. Gonna try something new, like making the meat a separate layer.  Usually I blend the sauce and meat, but today I’m gonna be different.  This pic of the sauce is from last night.  I’m hoping the seasonings have married together a lot more today, giving some impact to the flavor.  For the record it has no wine in there (damn),  but has a sweeter taste than normal.  I prefer a spicier taste, but I’m improvising. Now that I think about it, I wonder if a slash of rum might add a little kick to it.  LOL

I like it when I cook.  it makes me feel cheerful, optimistic, happy, and powerful.  I haven’t done my  frequent cooking meals in a while so getting back to my roots is always a welcomed feeling.  Besides I think in part cooking is tied to my creativity.  It’s got some magic and bliss in there.

To bring it back to a cinema standpoint, have you ever noticed food in any of your fave films?  I immediately thought of The Apartment where Jack lemon used a tennis rack as a colander for pasta.  There are much more films where food is a negative.  Take Pan’s Labyrinth where feasting on the Pale Man’s table meant some serious consequences.  Creepy.  I could go on, but this is simply a reminder of how food reminas something we always consume, by all of our senses.  Bon appetite.


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