My friend Raymond Masters wrote a superhero novel, Forging Truth, and I’ve been reviewing the book in installments over on Tastes Like Comics.  Superwoman/editor/writer Shelly peaked my intrigue with her latest post on gluten free foods.  I’m hoping to copy some of her ideas soon because I like trying new foods.  BTW Shelly gave me some recipes for BBQ sauces I’ve been wanting to try like mad crazy.  In a minute this is going to be an all foods post, because I’m getting hungry and I haven’t had my morning tea yet.

This will do for now.  I’ve got to get some other stuff done.  Been keeping myself busy when I’m not frustrated with life.  I’m keeping hope that things will work out well.  BTW I did write some yesterday, so I’m not hopeless. Started on at lest one piece of erotic fiction.  Got myself a page full of naughtiness.  I didn’t laugh, therefore it’s either really bad, or really, really good.  Even better it’s a first draft, why would it be awesome, just there and that’s what it needs to be.


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